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Make It Unfortunately, it's all too common to work for a manager who's hard to please, demanding for all the wrong reasons and tough to talk to about day-to-day tasks. Researchers say good bosses are a rare breed. As many as 60 to 75 percent of managers are unfit for leadership, according to Psychology Today.

Meanwhile, about half of employees cite a bad manager as their top Lick you into sex hot for quitting a job, according to a Gallup poll from If your boss exhibits any of the characteristics below, chances are they're toxic, according to career expert Amanda Augustine of Top.

They have poor communication skills A toxic boss rarely communicates effectively.

Or when "your boss seems annoyed that you didn't meet an expectation that you weren't aware existed. The solution: "Share the notes from every meeting.

Send updates on a daily basis. Be super responsive when they ask a question," says Augustine. In the case of the former, though "it may not be comfortable, these challenges will help you grow professionally and develop your skills," she says.