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As people strolled past the Prospect Heights home on their way to the park, the Brooklyn Museum or a bar where celebrated authors give readings for The New Yorker crowd, two year-old girls were allegedly being kept inside as sex slaves. The girls Ladies seeking nsa Bellville Ohio 44813 saved when one of them escaped in July and ran to police.

But they are just two of the thousands of sex slaves being trafficked under the noses of New York City residents every day, part of a silent epidemic that law enforcement is struggling to contain.

Taking kids who are in need of help, preying upon that need, developing a relationship and then turning against them and turning them into kids who are making money for them on the street — those are the cases that we. But the average victim is a vulnerable girl from a troubled home who has already been sexually abused and is first sold for sex as young as Many local victims come from in or around the city, but others are bused into 08360 chat lines Big Apple from upstate or nearby states such as Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Of course, there are adults who choose to become escorts. Some are gang members or drug dealers hunting new revenue streams.

Others are just teenagers themselves and from a family of traffickers. But all traffickers have made the same sick calculation.

You could sell a kilo of coke .